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In Britain it is 7 per 100,000. There are many theories as to why the Magyars, as Hungarians call themselves, are so morose, but the most likely explanation seems to be a combination of cultural.. Hungarians love to talk abut how many Hungarian inventions there are, how many famous Hungarians there are, how many Olympic medals the country has won (476 medals at the summer Olympic Games, making Hungary the 8th in the world on the all time medal tally) and how many Nobel Prize winners are Hungarian (12). So question this long-held belief in Hungarian cleverness and you're skating on. 3. Hungarians are not Slavic. Aside from Austria and Romania, Hungary is surrounded by Slavic nations. So it comes as a surprise to many that Hungarians aren't Slavic as well. The origins of Hungarians, or Magyars as they call themselves, is a topic of heated debate and fantastical theories abound Hungarians have to use two-digit consonants(dz,sz,zs,ty,gy,ly and even tri-digit ones(dzs and imagine that these can appear sometimes doubled) and the basic 5 vowels were just not enough, so they added some further ones to the alphabet(ö,ő,ü,ű,í,ú,ó,á,é) but all this happened very lately so an interesting thing is not fully.

Being miserable is a way of life for some people because they get sympathy, constant reassurance from other miserable people and a sense of self, defined by whatever circumstance they find themselves in. If you are tired of being miserable and want a happy existence , I've come up with a few habits of highly miserable people that you can avoid Hungarian people are actually followers of the ancient people living in the area for thousands of years before Magyars conquered Panonia. Some interesting findings of Hungarian experts: Today's Hungarian genes, by B. Csányi, E. Bogácsi-Szabó, Gy.. It doesn't matter what you are honey.....some might find this question rude at best and NO, I am not Russian. I am an American and I see tons of Americans walking around looking miserable, sad, annoyed, down and out....who knows why there could be a tons of reasons---poverty, bad relationships, broken heart, lost of a loved one.....it really depends on the situation of the individual

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The reason why Hungarians don't like speaking foreign languages might be that their language is one of the hardest languages in the world. I'm Hungarian, and I can confirm that a lot of Hungarians can't even speak THEIR language correctly So no, this isn't towards you or Western European tourists. We all have to deal with it. level 1. 3. Thanks Tamás Polgár for the answer. I haven't been to Hungary to compare, so I take his answer as valid. Hungary is a great ancient country that has 13 Nobel laureates. At the same time hundreds of famous porn stars are also Hungarians. Just not s.. Hungarians don't have a 'hatred' for Americans, in fact most Hungarians love Americans and American culture. Most people don't speak an adequate level of English so you are not going to find friendly and accomodating people unless you talk to people who speak good English (rare) or if you learn Hungarian Hungarians are handing food in through the doors, which open when we stop. explained why so many people were following Ahmad Majid. Red Nails and a Miserable Journe

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And Hungarians do feel very uncomfortable with a situation when they experience that they are not on the same level as the other person who they speak with, if they do not understand the jokes, if they are not able to be themselves, and feel they come across as more boring persons, so they rather avoid these situations Would a cashier in Stockholm smile more than one in Warsaw? I found Czechs very cold and standoffish but Hungarians come off as nice and open. Slovaks were in between. What about Poles? jon357 63 | 15,813. 16 Oct 2020 #512. Home / Life / Why are Poles always so miserable? Why do they never smile? Discussion is closed Hi. I have been Googling pictures of people in Hungary, trying to get a sense of what average people there look like. This isn't about race or anything, I'm just curious, as I realized that I have an image of Hungarians as dark complected, dark haired people, looking like Latins (Greeks, Italians, Spanish, etc.) I am Hungarian, and I don't think, I would be miserable or rude. :-) And I don't dislike either British people. So, this is a generalisation. However, I can understand the problem. Some Hungarians (and especially in Budapest, and especially older people) are in fact not really friendly, and they have a negative attitude to the life. They see.

Why are Hungarians so sick of politics? Trencsényi Ádám. Lengyel-Szabó Péter. Miklósi Gábor. Translation: Zoltán Kovács. Hollik Ágnes. 2018.11.26. 11:02 Módosítva: 2018.11.27. 10:19. Despite the high turnout at the elections this April, Hungarians are increasingly reluctant to talk about their public affairs. Why don't Hungarians. The author also quoted Jozsef Antall who in an earlier interview had said, A Hungarian will always see the worst. It comes in part from a peasant mentality, which will never predict a good harvest. Antall continued, Just as there is American optimism, which is the motor of American life, so Hungarians have a tendency to be pessimistic Hell, you so right Aida: the reason why Hungarians were not able to complete - right on, man, it was someone else's fault. We should have known. And the reason Hungary couldn't get its act together for two decades after 1920 was also someone else's fault, like Trianon and those awful Western Powers Why are Romance countries such miserable failures? - /his/ - History & Humanities is 4chan's board for discussing and debating history

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So, advices in a nutshell: - you shouldn't willing to pay any membership registration fee, or something: they try to charge about 100 EUR - you shouldn't pay more than 1000 EUR for the normal 1-year membership - for the off-peak membership, 600 EUR is the maximum amount you should pay Published in USA on the 10th of October 2009. 55 comments. Page 1 of 2. This is a response to this article Hungary has called us cowards. Yes Hungary, the.. I have spent quite a lot of time in Hungary. A beautiful country, lovely people, great food and drink, so what on earth do they think they are doing in keeping these poor be-deviled refugees bottled up at the railhead in Budapest? The Germans say they will take 800,000 refuges this year A Norwegian expat decides to leave Budapest after 10 years. For ordinary people low wages, high taxes, and rampant corruption have become an obstacle to a decent life, and many of my friends and colleagues have chosen to emigrate. There is no real opposition today, while Fidesz and the far-right Jobbik still enjoy strong support. The decline may not have begun with Viktor Orbán, and he cannot.

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hungarians were tolerated but due to their non indo-european language were scientifically not aryans. in 1935 Germany changed the term aryan in official state documents and used person with german or similar blood instead, partly to suck in its finno-ugric speaking allies (Finland, Estonia, Hungary) Why are Germanic people so evil? Germanic people created the concentration camp, invaded and slaughtered millions of people in foreign countries, committed dozens if not hundreds of massacres throughout the world, created scientific racism, started 2 world wars, committed a holocaust, and even today continue to be most hateful people in Europe.

To me, Bulgarians are so similar to Checks and Hungarians in the fact that their attitude seems unfriendly and they look so unhappy. Never a polite smile. Perhaps it is my impression, one has to be internationally minded. Reply. Sofie says. My friend told me it's just their outer way of being. You need to get to know them a bit : Laws and intimidation against Hungarians persist in Slovakia, and so does economic negligence. The stadium of the football club of Dunajska Streda which is widely supported by Hungarians was at center of attention in 2008. A video went viral showing police going into the stands beating supporters Because in the middle of Transylvania live the Székely. They were always having special rights in Hungary and are known to have stayed when Huns went back to the East after the death of Atilla. They say the remaining forces stayed in Transylvani.. In recent years, Hungary has often been cited as an example of democratic backsliding. Fidesz has hollowed out the rule of law, alongside social dialogue and the welfare state. Declining school standards and a miserable health care system are part of everyday life for most Hungarians

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  1. <p>II. Marulus l. 4. c. 6. Sokrates ist ein Mensch, wie es keinen zweiten gegeben hat und gibt, eine einzige, wundersame Erscheinung (221c—221d). Ausführung über die Silenenähnlichkeit. Agathon has been thought to be the subject of Lovers' Lips, an epigram attributed to Plato: Although the authenticity of this epigram was accepted for many centuries, it was probably not composed for.
  2. Now this may or may not be the reason why people are barefoot, but when you have to pay $40 per 1kg of limes I can understand why footwear may take a back seat. Not that I've ever bought 1 kg of.
  3. Mothers rock their babies, looking miserable. This is the so-called developed Europe? asks Mouti. It's supposed to be different to the fucking Arab world. the Hungarians have.
  4. Hungarians have suffered so much and they are so poor and miserable, how could they be asked to consider other groups apart from them. How it is so hard to think for us out of the box, is also showed through the attitude of the few volunteers who decided to visit Mozambique with António

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Declining school standards and a miserable health care system are part of everyday life for most Hungarians. Since 2011, Hungary has seen unprecedented emigration, amid evermore evidence of systemic corruption and embezzlement of EU funds. To understand why the party is so strong, one must consider a number of factors and take a longer term. Transylvania was GIVEN to Romania in 1921, and again in 1947, without a plebiscite. This notorious Treaty is known as The Diktat of Trianon, Hungarians were forced to sign in Paris. Ever since Transylvania was awarded to Romania, Hungarians, Germans and other ethnic minorities have suffered at the hands of Romanian Chauvinists The room itself was dark and miserable, and it's incredibly upsetting knowing that so many people spent their last days starving, cramped together with other dying or dead people. In such a depressing room, it was surprising to find graffiti left behind by past visitors on the walls of the building, showing a complete disrespect for those. Hungarians: 'Soros Puppet' George Clooney is an 'Imbecile' November 27, 2020 Constitutional Nobody Crime Conservative Hungarian journalists and politicians are blasting actor George Clooney as an imbecile who couldn't even find their country on the map following his suggestion that the Hungarian prime minister spreads anger. In examining why this may be so, the researchers looked at family size, wealth and expected levels of happiness, but none of those explained the size of the happiness gap. It can be largely.

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  1. They might support local things or the Székelys in Transylvania, but they tend to remain indifferent for causes out of scope for the nation. Hungarians have suffered so much and they are so poor and miserable, how could they be asked to consider other groups apart from them
  2. The KuK Armee performed so abysmally during the First World War because it'd been ridiculously underfunded since 1867. Starting with the Ausgleich, the Hungarian political elite had systematically opposed any increases in the military budget in an era when all the European armies were growing..
  3. orities in North Macedonia and Slovenia.There is a large Serb diaspora in Western Europe, and outside Europe and.
  4. A hundred years after the defeat in the World War and the Trianon dictate, we are standing on the stage of European history as champions of survival, there is not another nation in the world that could have endured such a one hundred years, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at the inauguration of the National Cohesion Memorial held on Thursday in Budapest

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So instead of speech we have text; instead of an address an essay. They believe that this is merely the sedimentary deposit of our Hungarian existence, or perhaps our existence as a miserable small Central European state. Therefore they cannot see - and perhaps cannot even appreciate - the unyielding and insightful basic principle.

Ungaro this terrible crime from the begining of this year was NOT ethnicly motivated and you know it. Every media in Hungary said so. So don't write Hungarians stand on the stage of European history as champions of survival. August 22, 2020. 0. 0. The following article was originally published on Roosh V.. For the world to get to how it is today, with the nearly complete elimination of tradition in favor of a globohomo world where diddling little children is becoming normalized, conservatives have had to lose every meaningful cultural war in the history of man. When someone declares themselves a conservative, they're in fact stating. Hungarians standing on stage of European history as champions of survival. that is now throwing off the miserable gown of defeatism and subservience. the more they must do so; this is the mission that awaits members of the Hungarian Defence Forces, he highlighted.. It is unknown how large Lithuanian penises are. Or even if they exist. (Original post

Political scientist László Lengyel gave an excellent interview this weekend to Hungary's left-centre Népszava daily. The chat, with Népszava's Tamás Bihari, began with a comparison to Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book and to the king of the jungle, Shere Khan. Mr. Lengyel had previously referred to Viktor Orbán as a tiger, and as the merciless king of the jungle This is why you have so many young educated Italians desperately leaving italy to find work and a better life. The skill and hope leaves italy and leaves behind only those that follow the previous generation. So thosé that learn a wordly view leave out of frustration leaving the traditional passed on mentality

So what if things have been wrong, so what if people have acted impulsively. It only takes the mindset and the ability of forgiveness to move forward. Look at what Germany did, and they perservered, becoming a powerful country. Romania can do the same, it just takes true leadership an non corrupt minds to do so. Take the blame and move forward notable Austro-Hungarians #3: Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, the reason why masochists are called masochists ( a portrait of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, year unknown [ x ] ) Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (1836-1895) was an Austro-Hungarian author and folklorist Orban justifies his abuse of power by claiming he is protecting Hungarians from Muslim refugees — who, in Hungary, are almost nonexistent. Trump plays the same game, trying to scare Americans. A human trafficker has been jailed for forcing men to have sex with other men for up to 20 hours a day. But although Andras Janos Vass is going behind bars for 11 years, the victims of his.

The Hungarians in Ukraine were born or being the decedents of born Hungarians, therefore their MOTHER TONGUE is Hungarian, thus denying the right to be educated in Hungarian is a forced assimilation of their cultural identity into the main stream. You can be sure that they do not lack ability to communicate in the official language So there's compelling evidence that assholes are terrible human beings who do harm to other people. I think the way you described Plato's analogy is far more elegant than anything I could say www.canon212.com. louisiana rep. clay higgins has no time for 'homopoetic,' money-grubbing tx bp. mark seitz and his miserable francischurch. francischurch: texas pervbishops join other groups to try and kill anti-euthanasia bills. non-franciscardinal urosa: venezuela's collapse has made us all very angry because our country was one of the richest in south americ To this day there are people in Ukraine who believe there are gold treasures hiding under the places where those miserable towns were. So when they had the chance they went out to rob Jews, and. The nation's renamed and realigned ruling political party, now called the Hungarian Socialist Party, was suffering through an overdose of chaotic democracy Sunday as reform factions debated.

There are Hungarians who read here and they will be heard I hope. My personal impression of the Hungarian sentiment about Muslims and Turks in particular was formed in a number of official and later business trips around the country. IMO there is a kind of Jungian national memory of Turkish rule. This is a factor in events down in the Balkans. Ttonic: Hungarians are prohibited - See 32 traveler reviews, 9 candid photos, and great deals for Sunderland, UK, at Tripadvisor High visibility of the star cluster Pleiades in the night sky and its position along the ecliptic (which approximates to the solar system's common planetary plane) has given it importance in many cultures, ancient and modern. Its heliacal rising, which moves through the seasons over millennia (see precession) was nonetheless a date of folklore or ritual for various ancestral groups, so too its.

Hungary and Hungarians through the eyes of an Italian man. Thousands of faces You are justa face in the crowd, quoting singer Tom Petty. After the concert, after being polarized by the spell of the band, everybody takes back their own awareness, so that the shield of morality and caution gets harder and, after a certain point. The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven. ― John Milton, Paradise Lost Almost all painful feelings have their source in an incorrect way of. Eastern European Animation is also famous, though sometimes ridiculed as being nothing more than surrealistic, colorful, cut-and-paste forest animal stories full of heavily distorted imagery with scratchy lines and scribbles like Worker and Parasite on The Simpsons.Also expect some hidden anti-Soviet messages in them. Central Europe also has an association with Roma culture Not so fast. We are today so far removed from the Napoleonic age that totally dominated Europe's intellectual culture during all of the 19th Century and the first half of the 20th Century that we find all cults of personality strange, but Napoleonic cults of personality were standard in European politics during the Hitler era

It says something sad about our society that we are so willing to assume the worst about people. People must be so miserable they enjoy dragging other people down. I loved MJ btw and believe people were just trying to take advantage of him. 2 0. Mostly Sunny. Lv 4 I know from the phone that she works with the same group as these but not sure how they are, this is a TOTAL AVOID, she has been around agesm burnt out, pissed off, miserable, i tried smiling, joking, being kind, being straight, talking, not talking - she just wanted me out, total waste of money I didn;t even ask for refund because I was just. It so happened that among the children they also seized the two daughters of Dula, the Prince of the Alans. Hunor married one and Magor the other. All the Huns descend from these women. How did the stag turn into hind? The theft of women and possessions into a romantic love story? Why are there no separate Hungarians in this version, why only.

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Corruption in Germany takes place only in the highest levels while in Greece it is widespread in every level horizontally and vertically.I didn't like at all the Hungarian attitude to tourists and how they extract money.It is the same with primitive Turkish crookery where the person pretends ignorance.Slavic crooks are much more refined and even Ukrainians who rob you blatant were not so. The reason why the trip took so long was because that specific route from Odessa to Dniepro was that there were so much holes and bumps and hills and whatever form you can think, on that path. Well, that's least what my friend told. For the most part, the bus that we took literally went 7 mph winding through the bumps and avoiding giant potholes Its just so good to know that im not alone,Beatrice i hav that same feeling over my mum.she just makes me angry so so much sometime.most of the decitions she makes r just so stupid n sometimes i feel like maybe it would be better if she was gone!she gave me away when i was young and now after so many years of my sufferings she thinks she can.

Does this solve the problem? No! Hungarians make the problem worse by mistreating nationalities inside its own borders. Remember: There Hungarians are 4 million in a country of 15 million. They make life miserable for the other 11 million. An important point of nationalism in Habsburg monarchy—its unsolvable but need not be lethal The extremely complicated and rather miserable history of Hungary in the 20th century was brought closer to many Hungarians two years ago when a popular TV personality, András Kepes(2), published a novel which was rightly advertised as the quintessence of that period

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miserable life, so use it appropriately! And, by the way, most people already sit down and shut up anyway....think about it...this is a computer news channel... you sit down, type, and shut up....there is no need to stand up and shout, right? That is a sign of serious mental problems.....standing up, shouting, and typing on the SCR. Catalin Why are Jews considered rich?Walk through history: Myth of wealthy, greedy Jew born in Europe in Middle Ages, when Jews were forced to charge interest on loans to Christians. 'They were like parking inspectors: Taking money for others and getting beaten up for it,' says historianTani GoldsteinPublished: 05.06.11, 10:52 / Israel BusinessshareSinger Roger Waters angered the Anti-Defamation. Why are Jews considered rich? Walk through history: Myth of wealthy, greedy Jew born in Europe in Middle Ages, when Jews were forced to charge interest on loans to Christians. 'They were like parking inspectors: Taking money for others and getting beaten up for it,' says historia

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Rod Jones The Hungarian Revolution 1956 198 Hungary and Hungarian idiosyncrasies Hungary forum. Find answers to your questions in the Hungary forum. Blogs, pictures, forum Hungary on expat.co Sadly, many religions seem to be all about pious superiority accompanied by sweeping judgments, racism and misogyny rather than inclusiveness and charity. Perhaps in Poland, one of the most religious countries in Europe, all that religion is why people are so miserable Answer 121 of 158: Greetings... We're just back from our trip to Budapest which was from Saturday to Tuesday. Our apartment was in Nyugati palyaudvar (nearest Metro station) a couple minutes away from West End City Centre (massive shopping centre with stores.. So in many todays Hungarians could be Armenian blood, without knowing about - that states for Hungarians of Hungary and neighbouring countries. 3 of the executed generals and plenty of officers.

So consider my second night of torro embolado in Villa Marchat: and why hadn't he protected his wife. He said that the toro brings out the baseness in humankind-- that all you care about it protecting your own miserable life. Then I saw people scattering at the cross street in front of us I wrote a hugely popular post on what Europeans think of each other, and we all know what Europeans think of Americans (that we're fat and stupid - well, it's a bit more complicated than that; I'll delve into that in another post).In this post, I'll write my experiences with my fellow Americans think about Europeans. Keep in mind, though, that the diversity of knowledge and opinion. However I found that as of 2011, over 54% of Hungarians still identified as Christian, but 12% in Czech Republic. I think the long history of being part of Bohemia, as so part of a greater Germany, is probably why Czech Republic, culturally, mores, attitudes... is closer to Western Europe than the rest of Eastern Europe It was miserable for everyone except the ruling elite, and it was doubly miserable for the minorities, the two million Hungarians and the Germans, from whose ranks came this year's Nobel. OP: The Russians, Hungarians and Latvians I know (I weirdly know a bunch) think Trump is a fool 11-2-2020 12:57am +1 like log in or sign up to post a comment maybe you know younger ones, a lot of russians looove trump, it's bizarre Back then we had to close down completely, because we were facing an unknown enemy. We had to gain time, so we could prepare the healthcare system. And we succeeded in doing that. We won the first battle. In the spring we flattened the curve of the pandemic, and in doing so were able to prepare the country

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