Deviation of an eye from the visual axis that occurs by covering one or more eyes. With both eyes open, the visual axes are aligned. When one eye is covered, it deviates. Minimal heterophoria is present in most people and asymptomatic Medical definition of heterophoria: latent strabismus in which one eye tends to deviate either medially or laterally Heterophoria or latent squint is defined as a condition in which eyes in the primary position or in their movement are maintained on the fixation point under stress only, with the aid of corrective fusion reflexes heterophoria (countable and uncountable, plural heterophorias) Latent strabismus, which occurs only during dissociation of the left eye and right eye, whereby fusion of the eyes is absent; Related terms . heterophoric; Translation

Heterophoria is most often diagnosed in childhood, namely, in children 5-9 years of age. At the same time, in girls, heterophory is encountered somewhat more often - by about 1.4%. On average, almost 800 thousand people suffer from heterophoria in the world. , , , Heterophoria or latent squint is a condition in which eyes are not in the straight position. An eye deviating inwards is known as esophoria and deviating outwards is known as exophoria. Vertically eye deviating upwards is known as hyperphoria and downwards is known as hypophoria It is an eye condition that is caused by the misalignment of the eyes. Vertical heterophoria is what's known as a binocular vision dysfunction. That means there is a slight imperceptible difference in your eyesight that could be causing you an array of unpleasant symptoms heterophoria ~ jelentése, fordítása magyarul » DictZone Orvosi-Magyar szótár Rejtett kancsalságról (heterophoria) van szó, ha a két szem csak fixáláskor néz ugyanoda. Takarásos vizsgálattal mutatható ki, és hasábbal mérhető. A kis fokú rejtett kancsalságot nem tekintik kórosnak

Heterophoria or latent squint is defined as a condition in which eyes in the primary position or in their movement are maintained on the fixation point under stress only, with the aid of corrective fusion reflexes. When the influence of fusion is removed, the visual axis of one eye deviates Vertical heterophoria can be present at birth, but symptoms can only occur later in life after prolonged strain on the muscles surrounding the eye. The eyes will try to overcompensate for the small height difference and move up or down straining the eye muscles continuously so images can be seen clearly together, instead of resulting in double.

Many cases of heterophoria are attributable not to an abnormal rest position which is compensated by normal fusion, but to abnormal motor fusion to which the rest position has adapted itself. Such abnormal motor fusion is accompanied by micro-anomalous correspondence. Gradual steps exist in the transition from heterophoria to strabismus with fusion 11.3.3 Heterophoria or heterotropia (latent or manifest squint) The tendency for images to slip out of register is termed heterophoria. The normally single monocular vision does not overlap perfectly. Heterotropia presents as a diplopia and the image is seen in double Heterophoria (abbreviated as phoria) is the relative deviation of the visual axes when the eyes are dissociated. 63, 64 This latent deviation requires fusional vergence efforts to maintain single. heterophoria, strabismus latens jelentése, fordítása magyarul » DictZone Orvosi-Magyar szótár Vertical heterophoria (VH) is a type of binocular vision disorder that occurs when the eyes are misaligned and can lead to a number of symptoms you may not immediately connect with your eyes. This misalignment, which can be very small, leads to the straining and overuse of the eye muscles


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  1. This video explains heterophoria method used to calculate AC/A ratio
  2. Introduction. Heterophoria is the tendency for the two visual axes of the eyes not to be directed towards the point of fixation in the absence of an adequate stimulus to fusion ().Exophoria and esophoria is the turning of the eye outward and inward respectively from the active position when fusion is suspended ().Information on the distribution of distance heterophoria and near heterophoria.
  3. An educational video (ophthalmology instruction course) for fourth year medical students and ophthalmology residents in Arab region. This video covers latent..

n. A tendency of the eyes to deviate from the parallel. The American Heritage® Stedman's Medical Dictionary Copyright © 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company Definition of heterophobia. : irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against heterosexual people As in so many areas of our society, divisions are drawn in black and white; there are no shades of gray. Homophobia is countered by heterophobia; the empty answer to gay-bashing is a vow to bash back Vertical Heterophoria means that the line of sight from one eye is higher than the line of sight from the other eye.If the two eyes do not line up together, either horizontally (side to side) or vertically (up and down), it is hard to put the two different pictures together in order to see one unified image Definition of heterophoria in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of heterophoria. What does heterophoria mean? Information and translations of heterophoria in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web Here at Millennium Ophthalmology, we are proud to help patients with heterophoria. Vertical heterophoria is a binocular vision disorder that happens when your eyes are misaligned. Even just the smallest deformity can make you strain your eyes. Your eye muscles can be overused, giving you headaches and, at times, dizziness. Vertical heterophoria can make you just not feel quite right

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  1. Stop Heterophobia. 1,686 likes · 2 talking about this. heterophobia is a real problem in the western world today. Time and time again we see heterophobes abuse people who merely practice their..
  2. heterophoriaの意味や使い方 斜位; 眼球斜位 - 約1172万語ある英和辞典・和英辞典。発音・イディオムも分かる英語辞書
  3. n. a tendency to squint. Under normal circumstances both the eyes work together and look at the same point simultaneously, but if one eye is covered it will move out of alignment with the object the other eye is still viewing. When the cover i

heterophoria. Kancsalság. Kategória: Egészségtudományok. Eddig összesen 0 javaslat érkezett erre a szóra, és 0 hozzászólás. Ha arra érdemes, oszd meg másokkal Heterophoria. Heterophoria is a type of eye condition in which the directions that the eyes are pointing are not consistent with each other. A person with two normal eyes has single vision because of the combined use of the sensory and motor systems. The motor system acts to point both eyes at the target of interest; any offset is detected visually Vertical heterophoria is a binocular vision disorder that happens when your eyes are misaligned. Even just the smallest deformity can make you strain your eyes. Your eye muscles can be overused, giving you headaches and, at times, dizziness. Vertical heterophoria can make you just not feel quite right

Heterophoria n tropia Junu Shrestha. Vertical Deviations Hossein Mirzaie. Diagnosis evaluation in strabismus Jayarajini. Strabismus Rawalpindi Medical College. Mallet Unit Hossein Mirzaie. Maddox rod OPTOM FASLU MUHAMMED . Squint assessment siraj safi. English. Vertical heterophoria is a binocular vision disorder (BVD). It often causes symptoms that would not be normally associated with an eye problem, making it difficult to diagnose and manage. Read on as Dr. Sonneberg from NeuroVisual Specialists of Florida and iSee VisionCare talk about this problem in detail Cyclovertical Heterophoria Uncorrected cyclovertical heterophorias frequently cause symptoms that prompt patients to seek visual care; yet, many practitioners are uncomfortable managing such deviations. Some reasons for the reluctance to prescribe treatment for cyclovertical heterophorias include a perception that these conditions are more difficult to understand, the occasional difficulty of. Loss of one's eyesight is undoubtedly life changing. There is a condition known as vertical heterophoria, or VH, which is a type of binocular vision disorder that can occur at any time of a person's life. Here we investigate the condition, which thankfully treatable, if diagnosed correctly by a physician

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introduction Heterophoria is a condition where in the tendency of the eyes to deviate is kept latent by the fusional reflex Orthophoria occurs where both visual axes are directed towards the fixation point and no deviate on dissociation Vertical heterophoria (VH) is a type of binocular vision disorder that can present at any time in one's life. While some may be born with it, VH can be triggered by an illness, accident, or aging. While some may be born with it, VH can be triggered by an illness, accident, or aging Heterophoria: tünetek. A heterofóriát meg kell különböztetni a strabismus többi részétől. A látens strabismus egy normatív változat, amely még két szemnél is gyakoribb, teljesen igazított látótengelyekkel. Mivel az agy korrigálja a látási tengelyeket, térbeli vizuális nyomás alakul ki, és a képinformáció teljes. As nouns the difference between strabismus and heterophoria is that strabismus is strabismus while heterophoria is (pathology) latent strabismus, which occurs only during dissociation of the left eye and right eye, whereby fusion of the eyes is absent First- and second-class: If an applicant exceeds the heterophoria standards (1 prism diopter of hyperphoria, 6 prism diopters of esophoria, or 6 prism diopters of exophoria), but shows no evidence of diplopia or serious eye pathology and all other aspects of the examination are favorable, the Examiner should not withhold or deny the medical.

Full text Full text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version. Get a printable copy (PDF file) of the complete article (220K), or click on a page image below to browse page by page As mentioned before, vertical heterophoria occurs when the eyes are misaligned vertically. For example, the right eye could be higher than the left eye or vice versa. Although this misalignment is usually imperceptible to the naked eye, the brain is aware of the problem and works to fix it, which can result in the eye muscles becoming overused Purpose: Convergence insufficiency, the most common binocular vision anomaly, is characterised by a receded near point of convergence and an exophoria which is at least 4 prism dioptres (Δ) larger at near than at distance. However, the repeatability of standard heterophoria measures are poorly understood Vertical Heterophoria Symptoms: More than Headaches & Migraines. Symptoms of Vertical Heterophoria can also include dizziness, nausea, anxiety, neck pain, and balance issues. They tend to appear in the most basic of daily tasks Why does vertical heterophoria happen? Vertical heterophoria cant start at birth, but its symptoms can only happen later in life, after prolonged strain on the muscles that surround the eyes. The eyes try hard to overcompensate for the minor difference in height, and then move up or down, which continuously strain the eye muscles

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FDA on Heterophoria. CDC on Heterophoria. Books Books on Heterophoria. News Heterophoria in the news. Be alerted to news on Heterophoria. News trends on Heterophoria. Commentary Blogs on Heterophoria. Definitions Definitions of Heterophoria. Patient Resources / Community Patient resources on Heterophoria. Discussion groups on Heterophoria heterophoria. (pathology) Latent strabismus, which occurs only during dissociation of the left eye and right eye, whereby fusion of the eyes is absent. hetero- +‎ -phobia; from Ancient Greek ἕτερος (heteros, other, another, different) + -φορία (-phoria), from φέρειν (pherein, to bear). English Wiktionary The invention relates to a device in the form of a bar and a system for measuring heterophoria. The solution provided by the invention consists in determining where the person being tested sees double and in measuring this distance on dioptre scales provided on cards placed on the bar at pre-determined distances. The invention solves the problem of determining heterophoria using cheaper. A latent deviation, or heterophoria (eso-, exo-, hyper-, hypo-, cyclophoria or a combination of these), is only present after binocular vision has been interrupted, typically by covering one eye. This type of person can typically maintain fusion despite the misalignment that occurs when the positioning system is relaxed NOTE: In pre presbypoes 1 prism dioptre is normal. In post presbyopes 2 prism dioptres is normal. If above, the patient will likely have symptoms of a decompensated heterophoria. Foveal suppression. If a patient has a decompensated heterophoria the binocular system comes under stress. Due to this, an area at the fovea may become suppressed (not.

The heterophoria method employs the distance-near relationship, measuring the distance and near deviations. A similar alignment is normally present for distance and near fixation. If the patient is more exotropic or less esotropic at near, too little convergence, or a low AC/A ratio, is present; if the patient is more esotropic or less. Vertical heterophoria can also be caused by abnormalities in the nerves or muscles of the eyes. This can be caused by a neurological disorder, a brain injury, or a stroke. Others with vertical heterophoria can be born with the condition. Individuals with this may not even receive a diagnosis until much later in life

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  1. What Is Vertical Heterophoria? Vertical heterophoria is a kind of binocular vision dysfunction (BVD) caused by a misalignment of the eyes. Though it could be very small, this misalignment leads to a level of eye strain and fatigue that, over time, wears down your eye muscles
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  3. heterophoria, orthophoria, tonic vergence, prism adaptation, orthophorization Search for Similar Articles You may search for similar articles that contain these same keywords or you may modify the keyword list to augment your search
  4. The modified Thorington test cannot be interchanged with the other three near tests for heterophoria in free space. The accuracy in the measurement and the different methods of dissociation may play a crucial role in comparisons of the different tests for heterophoria
  5. Vertical heterophoria happens when the eyes are not properly aligned and the muscles of the eyes are strained and overused. And this may lead to some of its signs such as nausea, headaches, or even dizziness while driving.This is why, if you have been feeling off-balance recently, it may not be because of an unhealthy diet or overtime work but it may be because of Vertical Heterophoria
  6. of heterophoria using the cover test (CT). This article aims to provide an overview of the assessment of heterophoria compensation and management of poorly controlled deviations. Heterophoria occurs when both visual axes are directed toward the fixation point but deviate on dissociation. In the absence of a visual stimulus such as under th
  7. Vertical heterophoria is a binocular vision disorder that happens when your eyes are misaligned. Even just the smallest deformity can make your strain your eyes. Your eye muscles can be overused, giving you headaches and, at times, dizziness. People who suffer from vertical heterophoria can make you just not feel quite right

A vertical heterophoria is a vertical misalignment of the eyes. A vertical phoria means that the eyes are aligned with both eyes viewing, but when one eye is covered, the covered eye drifts up or down A tendency for deviation of the eyes from parallelism, prevented by binocular vision. [hetero + G. phora, movement] * * * het·ero·pho·ria .het ə rō fōr ē ə, fȯr ē ə n latent strabismus in which one eye tends to deviate either medially o heterophoria - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free If heterophoria is present, the covered eye moves to its hetero-phoric position and when uncovered, the eye makes a movement in the opposite direction to recover fixation. The alternate cover test.

Heterophoria translation in English-German dictionary. en Misalignment of the eyes, binocular diplopia and ocular torticollis are all indications for eye muscle surgery as are enlargement of the binocular visual field, asthenopic complaints in heterophoria or the stabilization of binocular functions Binocular Vision Dysfunction and Vertical Heterophoria: a Brief History. Binocular vision dysfunction (BVD) encompasses a group of conditions where the two eyes have difficulty working together as a team, resulting in a vertical or horizontal (or both) misalignment between the line of sight of one eye with the other eye Vertical Heterophoria is an eye condition which is caused by an unnoticeably tiny difference in the height of each eye, making one eye slightly higher than the other. Affecting as much as 2/3 of the population, this misalignment is so slight that it cannot be detected by the naked eye

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Heterophoria: | | | Heterophoria | | | | |Classif... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most. Ami A. Shah, MD, is board-certified in ophthalmology. She works for Kaiser Permanente and is the owner and founder of one of the Bay Area's first mobile aesthetic practices 7. FEJEZET. A HETEROPHORIA/SZBL ÁLLAPOTAI, KOMPENZÁCIÓS STÁDIUMAI . Pálfia Márta: A BINOKULÁRIS KORREKCIÓ ALAPJAI POLATESZTKÉSZÜLÉK HASZNÁLATÁVAL A vizsgálat első lépéseitől a szemüveg elkészítéséig › 7. FEJEZET The monocular cover-uncover test is the most important test for detecting the presence of manifest strabismus and for differentiating a heterophoria from a heterotropia (Fig 6-1). As 1 eye is covered, the examiner watches carefully for any movement in the opposite, noncovered eye; such movement indicates the presence of a heterotropia Vertical heterophoria: Related Topics. These medical condition or symptom topics may be relevant to medical information for Vertical heterophoria: Vertical; Heterophoria. Hierarchical classifications of Vertical heterophoria. The following list attempts to classify Vertical heterophoria into categories where each line is subset of the next

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  1. fr.wiktionary.org heterophoria ConceptNet 5 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License . If you use it in research, please cite this AAAI paper
  2. Heterophoria is a latent squint that can only be recognized by one-eyed vision. With binocular vision in both eyes, the latent visual defect is involuntarily compensated for by the motor and sensory alignment of the two eyes through active muscle power. If binocular vision is interrupted and the direction of vision of both eyes can no longer be coordinated, most people experience a slight.
  3. Heterophoria then has many types depending on how exactly those eye muscles are imbalanced. One or both eyes can turn towards or away from your nose (esophoria and exophoria, aka convergence insufficiency and convergence excess), one eye turned upwards more than the other (vertical heterophoria), or eyes turned on some direction around their.
  4. heterophoria: A tendency of the visual axes to fail to meet in the fixation-point, due to weakness of one or more of the ocular muscles or their faulty innervation; insufficiency of the eye-muscles; muscular asthenopia
  5. Information about heterophoria. Languages in which heterophoria is used: (Press the button to hear it) English; Hyphenation of heterophoria het-eropho-ria. It consists of 3 syllables and 12 chars.; heterophoria is a word trisyllabic because it has three syllables; Words that rhyme with heterophoria
  6. Translation of heterophoria in English. Translate heterophoria in English online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge
  7. Accommodation & Heterophoria Anomalies Basic Esophoria Basic Exophoria Accommodation Anomalies Divergent Insufficiency Divergent Excess Esophoria D=N Normal AC/A ratio Normal NPC Reduced NFV at D & N Reduced BI prism at D & N Normal accommodative amplitude Fail Minus lenses fo

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Vertical Heterophoria is a condition where one eye sees the image higher than the other eye. Sometimes one eye is physically higher than the other. Sometimes the eyes are aligned correctly but muscle or nerve abnormalities cause the problem In clinical practice, almost all patients will have some amount of heterophoria, but only the decompensated and symptomatic phoria requires treatment. 10 The magnitude of the phoria itself may not relate directly to symptoms, but more so whether the phoria exceeds the ability of the fusional reserves to control it The measuring instrument for measuring the heterophoria and convergence consists of an examination tool 10 provided with a pair of peepholes 20 corresponding to a interpupillary distance and measurement plates 60 and 70 arranged in front of the examination tool. 例文帳に追 If the patient is more exophoric (or less esophoric) at near than at far, the AC/A is going to be low (i.e., a smaller value than their PD). If the patient is more esophoric (or less exophoric) at near than at far, the AC/A is going to be high A person with differently colored eyes or eyes that are more than one color has heterochromia. Learn more about the symptoms, types, risk factors, causes, diagnosis, and treatment

This is a PDF-only article. The first page of the PDF of this article appears above Overview. Convergence insufficiency is a condition in which your eyes are unable to work together when looking at nearby objects. This condition causes one eye to turn outward instead of inward with the other eye, creating double or blurred vision heterophoria 【名】《眼科》斜位 - アルクがお届けするオンライン英和・和英辞書検索サービス It's a type of Binocular Vision Disorder called Vertical Heterophoria, and is unfortunately showing up in the ADHD population as well as other populations. Symptoms include dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, imbalance, neck aches, eye painthe list goes on and many eye doctors don't even know about it

Translation for 'heterophoria' in the free English-Finnish dictionary and many other Finnish translations The measurement of any physiological variable is subject to error and to biological variability. Heterophoria is a clear example of this, and although the method used to quantify this variable may be quite simple, errors may arise owing to many different factor

Vertical Heterophoria Exposed In this episode, after René took the 5 minute cover test, that you can perform on yourself at home, she found Dr. Kathryn Collins in PA. She went on to record her visit to the clinic and is now sharing it with us Thank you for your interest in spreading the word about The BMJ. NOTE: We only request your email address so that the person you are recommending the page to knows that you wanted them to see it, and that it is not junk mail 378.40 - Heterophoria, unspecified is a topic covered in the ICD-10-CM.. To view the entire topic, please sign in or purchase a subscription.. ICD-10-CM 2021 Coding Guide™ from Unbound Medicine. Search online 72,000+ ICD-10 codes by number, disease, injury, drug, or keyword

Find all the evidence you need on Heterophoria via the Trip Database. Helping you find trustworthy answers on Heterophoria | Latest evidence made eas Vertical Distance Heterophoria: Ok, doing the same, thing except this time, the cyls are aligned vertical (90) Px is asked if the line appears above, below, or overlapping the spotlight. If line is above, then Px has hypophoria in RE. this equates to a hyperphoria in the LE. neutralize with BD prism in front of LE. (or BU prism in RE

Heterophoria information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues Heterophoria or latent squint is defined as a condition in which eyes in the primary position or in their movement are maintained on the fixation point under stress only, with the aid of corrective fusion reflexes. When the influence of fusion is removed, the visual axis of one eye deviates. Orthophoria is characterised by perfect alignment of two eyes in all positions of gaze and at all. Heterophoria translation in English-German dictionary. Heterophoria should be distinguished from Winkelfehlsichtigkeit, which is a deviation from orthoposition that results from the measuring and correcting methodology after H.-J Parts of speech for Heterophoria. noun. adjective. verb. adverb. pronoun. preposition. conjunction. determiner. exclamation. Full grammatical hierarchy of Heterophoria. heterophoria popularity. A pretty common term. Usually people know it's meaning, but prefer to use a more spread out synonym. About 48% of English native speakers know the.

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you have experienced symptoms such as headaches, blurry vision, dizziness, or anxiety over a short or extended period of time. you have seen one or more specialists for your symptoms and nothing seems to help. you have experienced a concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI) you have been diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia, other learning disabilities Die Heterophorie entsteht durch eine Störung im Gleichgewicht der Augenmuskulatur - die Augen weichen von der normalen Parallelstellung ab. Dies hat zur Folge, dass sie sich bei der Fixierung eines Objekts nicht in einer anstrengungsarmen Position befinden

I n heterophoria there is a relative deviation of the visual axes held in check by the fusion mechanism, whereas in heterotropia there is a manifest deviation of the visual axes. The relative position of the visual axes is determined by the equilibrium or disequilibrium of forces that keep the eyes properly aligned and of forces that disrupt this alignment Vertical heterophoria was detected in a small number of children at both near (n=9, 0.2%) and distance (n=4, 0.1%), mostly coexisting with a horizontal heterophoria. There were no significant gender differences in heterophoria, apart from 6-year old girls having more exophoria at near fixation (OR 1.4, 95% CI 1.1 to 1.7) heterophoric /het euhr euh fawr ik, for /, adj. /het euhr euh fawr ee euh, fohr /, n. Ophthalm. a latent strabismus of one or both eyes. [1885 90; HETERO + Gk phoria a carrying, equiv. to phor(os) PHOROUS + ia IA] * * Vertical heterophoria is a small misalignment of the eye muscles where one eye wants to sit up and one eye wants to sit down. It's not enough that it's causing double vision, you still see.

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the act of a person who encloses something in or as if in a casing or covering. a school giving instruction in one or more of the fine or dramatic arts. a comic character, usually masked, dressed in multicolored, diamond-patterned tights, and carrying a wooden sword or magic wand. TAKE THE QUIZ TO FIND OUT Exophoria is a condition of the eyes. When you have exophoria, there's a problem with how your eyes coordinate their movements. It occurs when your eyes tend to drift outward or one eye drifts. Introduction. Heterophoria (HTF) is the tendency of the lines of sight (visual axes) to deviate from the relative positions necessary to maintain single binocular vision for a given distance of fixation. 1 This tendency is identified by the occurrence of an actual deviation in the absence of an adequate stimulus to fusion, occurring in variously designated forms according to the relative.

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Heterophoria is compensated for by fusional vergence through a mechanism that involves both sensory and motor fusion. The distribution of heterophoria has not been studied extensively in schoolchildren in South Africa and studies quantifying the magnitude of association between heterophoria and fusional vergences are scarce Free, official coding info for 2021 ICD-10-CM H50.5 - includes detailed rules, notes, synonyms, ICD-9-CM conversion, index and annotation crosswalks, DRG grouping and more

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Vertical Heterophoria. Another condition commonly treated with prism is vertical heterophoria, or vertical strabismus. Vertical deviations often cause patients to experience significant symptoms even when the deviation is small. Our normal supraduction and infraduction abilities are limited, so improving these ranges to compensate for a. Als Heterophorie bezeichnet man ein kaum merkliches Schielen der Augen.Man bezeichnet es auch als latentes Schielen - latent deshalb, weil es nur ab und zu auftritt. Normalerweise können Betroffene normal sehen, weil die Heterophorie durch die sog. motorische und sensorische Fusion, einem Mechanismus im Auge, korrigiert wird Accept. In order to provide our website visitors and registered users with a service tailored to their individual preferences we use cookies to analyse visitor traffic and personalise content

Heterophoria First- and Second-class: If an applicant exceeds the heterophoria standards (1 prism diopter of hyperphoria, 6 prism diopters of esophoria, or 6 prism diopters of exophoria), but shows no evidence of diplopia or serious eye pathology and all other aspects of the examination are favorable, the Examiner should not withhold or deny. Heterophorie f, latentes Schielen n. Fachwörterbuch Medizin Englisch-Deutsch. heterophoria Esophoria is defined as an inward deviation of the eyes. The eyes don't always perfectly point in the same direction, rather they have a natural inward position. The result of an inward eye (phoric) posture is that the eyes and brain must constantly coordinate to rotate and move and diverge the eyes to a straight-ahead position. If eye teaming and coordination is lost, the eyes move out.

Etiology of heterophoria and heterotropiaEvaluation of squintBinocular Vision Correction for the Treatment ofAC/A Ratio using Heterophoria Method [ Sub - ENG ] - AC/A
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