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Labrador kennel, alom, kiskutya, kölyök. Labradorjainkat férjem, Juhász József segítségével tenyésztjük, vakvezetőnek, az általunk alapított Blindenhund. Light Of Eyes Labradoodle, Tatárszentgyörgy, Pest, Hungary. 1.7K likes. Labradoodle, a kutyák csodája...Labradoodle kölykök születtek, fehér, krém és.

A labradoodle A labradoodle a természet csodája. Keverék, a labrador és az uszkár célzott, egyszeri, vagy több generációt átölelő párosításából származó fajta. Hypoallergén Végre a kutyaszőr allergiások is tarthatnak kutyát! A második generációsoknak már minimális a szőrhullása. Családbarát A család bármely tagja könnyedén kezelheti. Imádja a gyerekeket. The dog should be seen by a vet to prevent eventual blindness. Green or Yellow Discharge - If your Labradoodle has green or yellow discharge, this is usually a sign of an eye infection, especially if it's accompanied by discomfort and eye redness

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The Labradoodle's head is moderately broad with a moderate stop, eyes set well-apart and well-defined eyebrows. Its head is of moderate width and well-developed but without exaggeration and in proportionate in size to the rest of the dog. Face should be shorter than the skull, clean-cut and free from fleshy cheeks With its cutesy curls and plaintive eyes, it's no wonder the labradoodle became America's second-favorite dog in 2010. But the man who first invented the breed by crossing a Labrador with a. Melanin also influences how a dog's eyes filter light. This makes your White Labradoodle more susceptible to poor eyesight than other colors. Their white coat also means they likely have sensitive skin. Their time in the sun should be closely monitored. White Labradoodle Coat and Grooming Requirements. Labradoodle coats are hardly low. Whether your Australian Labradoodle has a fleece- or wool-textured coat, they will need regular brushing. Usually around once a week. You might find it useful to enlist a professional groomer. They can trim your pup's coat two or three times a year. When grooming, be sure to check your Australian Labradoodle's eyes and ears A Red Labradoodle can range in shades of light red to very dark, deep shades of red. The color should be even throughout the coat and not chunky, or intermittent patches of red. Your pup should also have a black nose in order to be considered a true Red Labradoodle. 5

These Labradoodles are similar to a black Labradoodle although appear to have a silver tone when the light hits their fur. As they mature their fur lightens to a blue/grey color. A blue/brown Labradoodle with blue eyes is rare. Blue Labradoodle Puppy and Adul Brindle is a pattern of alternating tiger like stripes of dark and light colors. Brindle Labradoodles are not common. This puppy is a brindle Labradoodle. If you look at his feet, you will notice the stiped pattern of his color Fleece (The focus of our program): Texture should be light and silky similar to the texture of the Angora goat. Appearing to contain a silky lanolin in texture. Appearance can range from an almost straight loosely waved to an obviously waved coat; Kemp is often found around eyes and along the top line. The absence of Kemp is highly prized Another common disease that affects Labradoodles is progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). This is a disease in which the retina, a portion of the eye, degenerates. It generally occurs bilaterally, or in both eyes, and leads to blindness over time The majority of the phantom Labradoodle's coat should have one specific color (such as black or any other color) with other colors appearing in their faces, paws, eyes, or noses. Most of these Labradoodles are usually brown and black but some can come in other combinations that include

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Australian Labradoodle coat colors (colours) come in a wide variety of options. Below is a listing of the different coat colors, coloring descriptions and what to expect with their coats throughout their lifetime. Caramel Caramel colored dogs have liver noses (brown). Their range of coat color can vary between light yellow to almost red in hue Blue Merle Labradoodle. Blue Merle labradoodles are the most popular among all the merle labradoodles. Blue Merle labradoodles have irregular black patches by gray. The grey or the lighter part of the coat can also vary from a very light powder blue to very dark steel blue As a good Goldendoodle owner, you need to know the signs of eye problems and understand how to handle them appropriately You may wonder how a breed so deliciously daring as the Labradoodle could have problems of any kind. But Labradoodles, a fairly new crossbreed, are prone to the congenital problems of both the poodle and the Labrador retriever. Be aware of these potential health issues and intervene before they progress

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The Labrador retriever is a great companion but may pass on eye problems to offspring.. A mix between a Labrador retriever and a standard poodle, the Labradoodle is a nonshedding dog. Bred for service work, they also were thought to be a super breed and perfect as pets for people with allergies due to the poodle trait of not shedding This is another popular color for the Labradoodle and can be of many different shades ranging from light to dark. Red tends to be a dominant coat color in most cases, so again, this color can be somewhat more common than others. White Labradoodle. When it comes to Labradoodle colors, white is a favorite of those who like the pure and innocent look

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  1. Labradoodle-Dogs.net is the premier Labradoodle Forum on the internet. Registered Users do not see the above ads. LinkBack: Thread Tools: Dexter's eyes are a very light hazel...and almost have a green tint to them (but they aren't actually green). Sadly I cannot remember if they were more green when he was a puppy..
  2. Chalk white is slightly darker than a natural white with a rose or black pigmented nose. The blue / brown Labradoodle will appear to have a silver tone to their fur when caught in the light and a black pigmented nose. A blue / brown Labradoodle with blue eyes is considered rare. Then you have the rarer colors or patterns of Labradoodle
  3. Silver can range in shades from very light pewter in colour to a dark charcoal. It is preferred to see an even colour through the coat but it is acceptable to see uneven layering of colour in the coat. Silvers are born black with the coat colour developing over time (1-3 yrs). Nose pigment to be black
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Labradoodle Labrador Retriever/Poodle mixed dog breed information, including pictures, characteristics, and facts. Find out about training, behavior, and care of Labradoodle dogs A breed called the labradoodle - it's non-allergenic,' he said. There are so many poodle crosses having fits, problems with their eyes, hips, and elbows, and a lot have epileps

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All dogs in this category have brown noses and lighter, usually hazel, eyes and brown paw pads. Chocolate and caramel are the two basic colors in this category. Intensity of the hue in chocolate and caramel can range from a dark to light. Puppies coats may start out darker in tone, then soften in time with hues of cream Australian Labradoodle. Size: medium. DOB: Feb. 28, 2017. Height: 17-18 inches. Weight: 30 lbs. Color: light apricot with white markings. Coat: Wavy fleec

A little about the Labradoodle breed. Started in Australia, the A.L. breed was founded by a man who wanted to find a hypoallergenic service dog for his wife. Reagan is mixed with lab, poodle, and a few other breeds, including Cocker Spaniel. Sandy and her husband decided on a labradoodle because they are joyful, sociable, and very clever We do not just want to be another labradoodle site you visit. While we get many positive comments about our website, we don't work to have the best site out there, as we want to have the best Labradoodles. Many breeders put much time and money into having the most professional, expensive site possible Labradoodle Puppies, Labradoodle Breeder Denver AGAPE LABRADOODLES, DENVER COLORADO. Enjoying strong popularity in short order, the Australian Labradoodle breed has become well known quickly. Bred to be an allergy/asthma/non shedding friendly service dog, the Australian Labradoodle went on to prove they could also be a playful, joyful, gentle, loving, versatile family and therapy dog

Black, Blue, Red, Dark Chocolate and Silver dogs must have dark brown eyes. All shades of Cafe', Milk Chocolate, Gold/Apricot, Cream and Chalk should have dark hazel to brown eyes if they have black pigment. Caramel and dogs with rose pigment may have either dark eyes or ghost eyes. Ghost is a hazel color range much the same as it is in humans Like their human owners, dogs and cats sometimes wake up with sleepers in their eyes — a crusty discharge that results from the eye's natural self-cleaning efforts. All pets will occasionally have some discharge, although bulgy-eyed breeds such as pugs, Pekingese, and Persian cats are much more prone to it than others A Dudley Lab is a Labrador retriever that lacks pigmentation on the eyes, eye rims, muzzle, and nose. Because some people believe that any Labradors with reduced nose pigmentation are also Dudley Labradors. There are three types of noses that a yellow Lab can have. Black, brown or pink our 8 month old labradoodle has red, weepy eyes that are accumulating green-ish eye boogers. We have noticed some redness before, but the discharge has only occurred in the last week or so. We have noticed some redness before, but the discharge has only occurred in the last week or so

Dam: Diamond: White F1b labradoodle with gold eyes: Sire: Capone AKC Chocolate Parti Standard Poodle Born: October 09th, 2020 Ready to go home: December 4th, 2020 Pup picks are needed at 6 weeks old: November 21, 202 August 1, 2017 to Ladd Hill Labradoodle's Greta + Bolt. With a brown nose, dark eyes and a deep, brown coat, Ruby is what's referred to as a chocolate. She has an athletic build, a light wavy fleece coat, and weighs twenty one pounds. Ruby is an infectiously sweet dog, who enjoys giving as many kisses as she can

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Australian Labradoodle. Size: small medium. DOB: 10/13/2016. Height: 18. inches. Weight: 29 lbs. Color: light Chocolate. Coat: Wavy fleece. OFA Hips: good Light and airy, free moving with no apparent effort. Coat The ideal in the Australian Labradoodle is a low to non-shedding coat; however, because the breed is still evolving, it is common to see more than one coat type in the breed Give your dog a quick, light once over with a labradoodle brush before bath time Choose a shampoo that is specially formulated to help with curly dog fur Pay lots of attention to their ear areas, which are quite sensitive and can get tangles easily, but can also become infected if left wet, so be sure to wipe your dog's ears completely dr A hair coat is very far & few between in the Australian Labradoodle. There will be some shedding with this coat, although it could be minor shedding. This is not a coat for anyone with allergies or asthma. COLORS: All solid Colors *All Liver or brown noses, have matching lips & nails & generally have hazel or light colored eyes The Australian Labradoodle Club of America was formed in 2005 as a non-profit organization serving the breeders, owners and enthusiasts of the original Australian Labradoodle. As such, the ALCA Certifies only the Original Australian Labradoodle, allowing only one Poodle infusion within three generations and does not allow any Wheaton Terrier.

Nose colors black, with brown eyes. Cafe: This color may range from beige to a light milk chocolate, and will develop within the first 1-3 years. Nose will be rose, with dark amber to pale hazel green eyes. Black: Black Labradoodles should be solid in color with no sprinklings of other colors throughout the coat. Their pigment color should be. Tessa is a 56 lbs Multigeneration Labradoodle. She has light colored eyes. Loves agility and smiling. Dam (not for sale) Fendi Fendi is a Multigen labradoodle. She weighs 46 pounds. She has a wool coat. Fendi loves agility In addition to consistency in coat and confirmation, extensive genetic testing is conducted on each breeding dog, including hips, eyes, heart and DNA screening for disease. The Australian Labradoodle is athletic and graceful, yet compact with medium boning. Happy and energetic when free, then gentle and quiet when handled or resting Trotting gait is effortless, smooth, powerful and coordinated in mature dogs. Should have a good reach in front and drive from behind for forward motion. Sound free movement and a light gait are essential. Raising Australian Labradoodle Puppies for Your Family yukonergina@gmail.com Whitehorse, Yukon ~ Canada (867) 689 - 742

in beautiful shades of Cream/Light Apricot colors. Will mature to 55-60 lbs. This is Stella's first litter, she from my Lovely Luna. Stella is a very sweet and loving girl that will follow you around until you pay attention to her. She has impeccable health testing, structure, and a lovely dense wavey non shedding coat For example, an F1 Labradoodle and Poodle cross; this is Labradoodle bred back to Poodle. F2. F2 = second generation puppy - F1 hybrid crossed with an F1 hybrid - for example, an F1 Labradoodle crossed with an F1 Labradoodle. This combination you get the same percentage of purebred-A as purebred-B as you would an F1 hybrid

Rose is a fun loving F1b light apricot colored labradoodle with fluffy wavy hair. She is still young but should have curly hair as an adult. Her gorgeous eyes and sweet personality will win your heart. Rose passed her puppy class and is now in Advanced. She is genetically clear and will have her heart, eyes, elbows, and hips checked soon Use a sponge to wash the dog in its face. Be careful not to get shampoo in its eyes, as dogs hate that just as much as you and I. Now rinse your Labradoodle with clean, lukewarm water until all the shampoo is out of the fur. Drying your dog. Start by squeezing as much water out of the fur as possible using your hands, before you start using towels

Wide round or narrow almond shaped eyes are considered a fault. Eye Color: Eye color should complement and blend with the face color. Black, Blue, Red, Dark Chocolate and Silver dogs must have dark brown eyes. All shades of Cafe', Milk Chocolate, Gold/Apricot, Cream and Chalk should have dark hazel to brown eyes if they have black pigment Sweet Maple Labradoodle's Megzy WALA - 00008522 . Megzy is calm and sweet. She is about 40 lbs. She loves to obey and just chill on the couch while we watch a movie. She has a silky soft fleece coat and carries for caramels and reds. Her puppies will be a beautiful, sweet, and calm bunch! Fern Ridge Billy James aka Jack ALAA-04898 The success rate for a light-shedding to a non-shedding dog is much higher. Australian Labradoodles: The result of crossing an Australian Labradoodle to an F1, F1b or Poodle, or crossing combination of a Labrador, Poodle and Cocker Spaniel. The result of either will be considered an Australian Labradoodle and are typically allergy friendly Coat Types, Colours & Care Labradoodle Coats Learn About Coat Types & Colours Labradoodle Coat Types Loose Fleece This coat is a very open, thin fleece coat. Hypoallergenic, may shed a bit as the coat transitions from puppy to adult. In adolescence this coat can look wiry. By 2 years of age the coat has Breed Coat Care Read More Sasha X Snickers: 1st generation Labradoodle puppies: Chocolate with green eyes 3 Females and 5 males: 1st generation Chocolate with green eyes Labradoodle Puppies. It will be a couple of days after Mom has a chance to settle in before I get pics

Nov 23, 2013 - Explore Michael Gatheright's board Black Labradoodle on Pinterest. See more ideas about Black labradoodle, Labradoodle, Dogs Heartsong Savannah Sunrise ~ Savannah Savannah is a gorgeous girl with the softest fleece coat, gorgeous green eyes and the sought after temperament of the well bred Australian Labradoodle. Savannah has caramel coloring and stunning green eyes. She weighs 42 pounds, is very balanced, has great movement, and perfect conformation

So thankful to Polly & Oneilio Viera at Labradoodle Lane for this fabulous boy! Banks is a big guy weighing 55 lbs at 20.5 inches at the shoulder! That makes him a Large Medium size, but he is absolutely solid as a rock, which we love!! He is sweet, affectionate, and so very loving Reddish brown tear stains that discolor the fur from your dog's eyes down her muzzle are sometimes called poodle stains because they're so often found on white poodles or other light-colored dogs. These stains are caused by this medical condition that is sometimes referred to as dog eye gunk

Well, this article is designed to shed light on all the mysterious Labradoodle color terms so you can discuss with confidence what you are actually looking for in your new family member! The lighter pigment in the nose corresponds with the lighter eyes. So, if you want light eyes, you should ask for a Caramel colored puppy The Siberian husky breed is one such example. These snow dogs often have icy blue eyes lasting their entire lifetime. Siberian huskies also sometimes have two eyes of differing colors called heterochromia — think a single blue eye and a single light yellowish-brown or brown eye. Apart from blue and brown, possible eye colors in dogs run the gamut, just as in people Black, Blue, Red, Dark Chocolate and Silver dogs must have dark brown eyes. All shades of Cafe', Milk Chocolate, Gold/Apricot, Cream, and Chalk should have dark hazel to brown eyes of they have black pigment. Caramel and dogs with rose pigment may have either dark eyes or ghost eyes. Ghost is a hazel color range much the same as it is in humans color..all our Labradoodle puppies are born with blue eyes and by 8 weeks their eyes have usually . Angelica (Angel) aka, Ava, is the daughter of Hill's West Lilly of Blue Star and Hales. to ensure that there is no glaucoma or cataracts or any other eye diseases Australian Labradoodle breed standard list three acceptable sizes: miniature, medium and standard. Toys are not desired or acceptable. Australian Labradoodles come in many colors of solid and marked or patterns, and several shades of some colors. Solid Colors. Chalk is one of the easiest recognized colors. Chalky white with a dark nose

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If you have a very light-colored silver Labradoodle, you may want to invest in a high-quality tear stain remover that will not irritate your Labradoodle's eyes or coat. Your Labradoodle will also need to have his nails trimmed or ground down regularly. This will keep them from breaking or cracking Gabriel is an intelligent gentle soul. He is a white and caramel party fleece coat with beautiful hazel eyes. He is a medium multigenerational labradoodle. His ready to please, playful personality is just what we were looking for to add to our future puppies Jan 14, 2016 - Explore Trinity Doodles's board Labradoodle Art, followed by 408 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about labradoodle art, labradoodle, art The sale of a West Footscray house has gone to the dogs — and the vendors couldn't be happier. Skid the labradoodle is lapping up loads of attention as the star of his owners' campaign to sell the three-bedroom pad at 46 Pitt Street, with a $1-$1.1m price guide.. The striking dog features on the 'for sale' board out the front of the property, and in the online listing and promotional. As you may already know, the Labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. Because both of these breeds come in a variety of different colors, the Labradoodle may exhibit any of them or a combination of several. For the most part, Labradoodles tend to be solid-colored dogs, though there are alway

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Eyes. Some Labradoodles have goopy eyes. I find that using non-alcoholic wipes (baby wipes) works great for cleaning under their eyes. Here is a good link to a grooming video: You Tube Grooming Video. Raising Australian Labradoodle Puppies for Your Family yukonergina@gmail.com Whitehorse, Yukon ~ Canada (867) 689 - 742 the eyes 2, 21-30 NO Mutation of the COL9A3 gene Studies have shown that the principal form of PRA in the Labradoodle is prcd which is a late- Normal vision is present in low light conditions. Clinical examination is normal. Cone. I'm here at Beagle Island Park nearly every day, in hopes of seeing my dog—well, I guess, technically, he isn't my dog anymore. Actually, he was never really my dog; we simply walked as a pack of two when we both hit rough patches in our lives. I'd wake up under a smoke shop's eaves to his soft snoring in my face. He had the same color eyes as my pops; Pop always said he'

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Rosie NorthStar's Heart of Gold ALAA-078409 and WALA00015358 Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle. Color: Bbee: Red/Apricot, Parti-Colored Coat: Silky Soft Spiral Curled Fleece Fluff Size: 15 and 16lbs Testing: 150 Congenital Disorder DNA Panel Testing is Normal/Clear; CERF/CAER/OFA Normal; OFA Congenital Cardiac is Normal; OFA Patellar Luxation is Normal; OFA Hips & Elbows Pending What to keep trimmed short on your Labradoodle: Eyes: Use blunt cut scissors to trim hair once a month or so, for your dog to be able to see. Ears: Use blunt cut scissors to trim the bottoms of the ears straight across so they wont drop in the water dish, also for sanitary purposes Medium Australian Labradoodle Weight: 30 lbs Sire: Shelby Avenue Crusader Maxx Dam: Austin Moonlight Bay Chili is our sweet soulful red head. She has gorgeous dark brown eyes that will melt your heart with a single glance. She looks deep into your eyes when she is being spoken to as if she understands everything you are saying Bruin is a mini Australian Labradoodle from our Clarabelle and Herc. A gorgeous caramel with light eyes this girl will melt your heart! She lives with her guardian family in the Nor Cal area Meet the parents of our Australian Labradoodles puppies. Australian Labradoodle parents pass extensive health tests to ensure the health of their puppies

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Picture never visualize the true charm of black Labradoodle. When I saw the black female for the first time - I instantly fell in love with her. I am amazed of the nobility of this color. Pigment: black. Eyes: Black or dark brown. Shades of brown and silver are often visible through the black coat I served as a former vice president for the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA). After researching the breed, it became apparent to me that the Australian Labradoodle was the right choice for my family with a history of allergies and asthma. We fell in love with these incredible dogs and one thing led to another Lake Blue Australian Labradoodles is a Premier Breeder of the Australian Labradoodle living in beautiful Raleigh, NC. Home bred and lovingly, raised, stimulated and socially prepared, to be your new best friend and family member. We absolutely love our doodles and you will too

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The Australian Labradoodle is a compact dog, not exceptionally boxy nor long bodied. A galloping dog which gives the impression of light footed athleticism and joyful bearing. They have medium to light boning, are graceful in movement and have a vivacious expression Charlie Desert waves you're a good man charlie brown. ALAA-066695. WALA00008203. Sire Colonial Village Boston the Patriot Dam Desert Waves Icing on the Cake Color Chocolate & White Parti, bbEe Coat Soft Loose Curl Fleece DOB September 16, 2016 Size Medium, 21 inches and 45 pounds. Health Clearances General Appearance: The Australian Labradoodle should be athletic and graceful, yet compact with substance and medium boning--joyful and energetic when free, soft and quiet when handled. They should approach people in a happy friendly manner with eye to eye contact. He is keen to learn and easy to train. Australian Labradoodles have a free flowing wavy or curly coat that does not shed and is. Louis is absolutely perfect to us, He is one of our beautiful labradoodle dogs. He has that gorgeous silky, wavy fleece coat. He is just stunning to watch in motion, his magnificent green eyes just light up the room. Louis has an excellent pedigree, excellent confirmation and stunning looks Health: OFA/Wallace Hips/Elbows- Good, Eyes - PRA - Clear, CERF - Normal, EIC - Clear, vWD - Clear, DM - Clear, IC - Clear, Cardiac Normal Description: Brogan is a red and white parti-colored Australian Labradoodle. He is a true miniature, tipping the scales at 15 lbs

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The Miniature Labradoodle's hereditary health concerns are going to stem from inherent conditions in the two parent breeds. This inquiry is only for puppies that are presented on this page. With its cutesy curls and plaintive eyes, it's no wonder the labradoodle became America's second-favorite dog in 2010 Grayson is a sweetheart! A very sweet and playful girl, she loves to be held, and already gives great kisses! She has a light chocolate wavy coat, some gold markings on her paws and golden eyes. She is non-shedding and will be a great addition to any home. Weight will be 50-60 pound

Labradoodles come in all the colours that you would find with either Labradors or Standard Poodles, ranging from white, through creams and golds to red, shades of brown and black. Ours are all in the range between white and a bright red-gold, with very dark eyes and black noses. Back to top The Transitional stage generally lasts from age two to three weeks, and it's during this time that your puppy's eyes and ears will open, and he'll slowly start to respond to light and movement and sounds around him. He'll become a little more mobile during this period, trying to get his feet underneath him and crawling around He's sired from an 8th generation Australian Labradoodle and an AKC registered Moyen Poodle. Mr. Gibbs is a beautiful example of a true Blue colour, which is a stunning dark, steel grey. He has a gorgeous, soft wool coat and perfect, bushy sickle-style tail. Mr. Gibbs has long legs and a lean physique similar to a poodle, but eyes, nose and. Check out this absolutely adorable M ini Labradoodle that left us not too long ago. His family sent in these sweet photos and write: Hi there, I wanted to share a photo of a puppy we got from the August 2020, Mini Labradoodle litter. Finn is 4 months old and coming in at a whopping 30lbs so far!! He's the most handsome and loving little guy F1b Labradoodle or F1b - The result of crossing an F1 Labradoodle to a poodle. This combination creates a more consistent allergy-friendly coat. The success rate for a light to non shedding dog is much higher Australian labradoodle. Miniature, 30lbs. Crystal is a Miniature Australian Labradoodle. She is Apricot and has a lush, wooly coat. Like most doodles, Crystal is completely content lying by your side or at your feet. She will give you a Paw to remind you to pet her occasionally. She is very calm, and rarely makes a peep

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