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Zuko and Mai from Avatar: The Last Airbender are one of the few canon couples throughout the series, alongside Sokka and Suki and, later, Katara and Aang. Mai was introduced during season two, and it was established almost immediately that she had some deeper feelings for the Fire Nation Prince since they were children, feelings that were revealed to be returned Mai gave up every thing for the man who shattered her heart. She gave up everything for him. Jealous. Zuko felt his inner flames flaring up in his belly as he watched the scene in front of him. The burning sensation to rip the guy's head off rippled through him. How dare he talk to Mai Mai had a crush on Zuko when they were children and they began dating after Zuko was permitted to return from his banishment. The two kissed a lot and went out on a few dates. They also broke up multiple times. They briefly broke up during a vacation due to an outburst and again when Zuko betrayed the Fire Nation to help Aang. However, Mai eventually turned on Azula in order to save Zuko's life. Following the end of the war, the two got back together Mai is Zuko's most consistent romantic interest. One of Azula's only friends, she accompanies Azula on her hunt for Zuko and Iroh. She eventually helps bring down the Earth Kingdom and, when Zuko is given the credit for Aang's defeat, is able to fully enter a relationship with the restored prince Mai and Zuko. As children of the Fire Nation royal court, Mai and Zuko were acquaintances. She harbored feelings for him as a younger child, blushing when she caught sight of him walking by. When Azula decided to make fun of their little crushes on each other, she invented a game that involved Azula putting an apple on Mai's head and lighting it on fire

Zuko's Relationship With Mai and Azula's Return The fight for Yu Dao was only the beginning of Zuko's troubles as the new Fire Lord. Resenting the role their crown prince had played in ending the Fire Nation's conquest, a rebel group called the New Ozai Society emerged, with plans to assassinate Zuko and put Ozai back on the throne Who did Zuko Marry and Who is the Mother of Firelord Izumi. I have some evidence to prove who it is.I am approaching 1,000 subs and I would love to do a Q&A/.. After Zuko breaks up with Mai, Mai is understandably angry and proceeds to take many a stripe off of him while he is stuck in the interrogation room at the Boiling Rock. Even though I don't like this couple, I actually enjoy this scene and think it is well written Mai having a crush on him as a kid doesn't matter, people (and especially Zuko) change since the day they were like 10 or 12 to when they're 16, especially Zuko with all he went through. But because they're canon people can react very strongly to pointing out how hideous their romance really is

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  1. Zuko finds Mai sleeping on a bench in the BaSingSe palace on his way to practice his broadswords. Against Azula's wishes he decides to carry her back to her roo Avatar: Last Airbender - Rated: K+ - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,526 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 37 - Follows: 5 - Published: 1/6/2007 - Zuko, Mai - Complet
  2. Mai & Zuko's relationship was the cringiest teenage thing I've ever laid eyes upon, and it was both hilariously on-point and awful to watch. You're super spot-on w/ how they're dating just cause they are in the same circle & superficially similar - reserved, cagey, angsty, probably over-invested..
  3. ute before shifting to watch the sunset, Mai resting her head on Zuko's shoulder, his arm around her waist. || Mai and Zuko have dinner after they are reunited. Language: English Words: 766 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 2 Kudos: 55 Bookmarks: 1.

AU where Zuko is the Avatar and he's not ready and willing to fulfill his new duties. In which Aang is the last Airbender and searches for the Avatar to teach him airbending, Katara and Sokka are done with war and are tagging along, Iroh has all odds against him and Azula expresses immense pleasure at being the Crown Princess Mai is Zuko's most consistent romantic interest. Due to Mai's meticulous upbringing, she was consistently unamused. Stating that Mai's overbearing mother was to blame for her actions. It's got . They both must do what they feel is right for themselves and each other, and then live with the consequences Nov 26, 2020 - Explore Melissa Cooke's board Mai and Zuko on Pinterest. See more ideas about mai and zuko, zuko, avatar airbender

Prince Zuko (祖寇, Zǔ Kòu) is a fictional recurring character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender.Created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, the character is voiced by Dante Basco in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Bruce Davison in The Legend of Korra, and portrayed by Dev Patel in M. Night Shyamalan's 2010 film The Last Airbender Jul 18, 2016 - Avatar the Last Airbender - Het Pairing - Prince Zuko and Mai - Ship: Maiko. See more ideas about zuko, avatar the last airbender, the last airbender Mai and Zuko may care for each other, but that doesn't mean that they can just be together magically. They both must do what they feel is right for themselves and each other, and then live with the consequences. The TL:DR Lesson. The lesson here, folks, is that great relationships are built by two individual people who each have their own. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people

Zuko and Mai exchanged bows with Hakoda, Katara, and Sokka, expressing how much they looked forward to the grand tour of the factory they had been promised to take place tomorrow. Then they crawled through the lowered tunnel entryway into the ice house where they would stay during their state visit to the Southern Water Tribe The problem is that Mai hasn't the agility of Ty Lee, which is a big problem for her against rapid fire blasts from Zuko. He can take them 1on1: Mai hard, Ty Lee hard. 1on2 likely extreme hard. Zuki is the het ship between Zuko and Suki from the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom. 1 Canon 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Navigation Zuko and Suki first encountered each other when the latter attacked Kyoshi Island. He had learned that Aang was there and lit most buildings on fire while attempting to find him. The two would not meet again until much later at the Boiling Rock. Zuko was helping Sokka. Zuko is the one who supports her and helps her close that painful chapter in her life. In return, she sets aside her anger for Zuko and resumes their friendship. 13. Their chemistry is UNREAL Mai była córką i najstarszym dzieckiem Ukano, byłego gubernatora Nowego Ozai i jego żony, Michi. W ostatnich latach Stuletniej Wojny została jedną z głównych sojuszniczek Księżniczki Azuli i tym samym jednym z największych przeciwników Drużyny Awatara, a także obiektem westchnień Księcia Zuko po jego powrocie z banicji do Narodu Ognia. Jako jedna z najbardziej.

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Dec 21, 2016 - Explore Sail Away Sailor's board Mai and Zuko on Pinterest. See more ideas about zuko, mai and zuko, avatar the last airbender However, when Azula turns on Mai for saving Zuko's life, Ty Lee joins Mai in betraying Azula. If she has to choose between betraying one of her two friends, then turning against the one who manipulated her and is bent on a path of destruction is the most authentic option for Ty Lee Post-canon Mai/Zuko moments (In honor of Maiko Fluff Week 2019 and the Tranquility prompt!) Zuko pulls all-nighters until the servants tattle to Mai and she forces him to stick to a semi-regular sleep schedule; Mai always does Zuko's hair for him in the mornings. High quality Zuko And Mai gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, h..

Check out our zuko and mai selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our prints shops Shop Zuko And Mai Hoodies and Sweatshirts designed and sold by artists for men, women, and everyone. High-quality, pre-shrunk heavy or lightweight fleece Zuko stood, fists clenched and face burning bright red. You can go - Mai stood up hurriedly and grabbed Zuko's arm. Ok, ok, she said, tugging him towards the door. We'll go for a walk. Just make sure I don't die of hypothermia or something. Don't go if you don't want to, Zuko snapped, eyes narrowing A group of creatures known as the Kemurikage begin stealing children and the New Ozai society, a secret society dedicated to dethroning Zuko, start trying to cause problems to bring Zuko down. Zuko works with Mai and Aang in order to restore order; however, he acts ruthlessly with his people after his sister Kiyi is taken

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Of course!!! Zuko is in love with Mai and Mai was in love with him too. Duh!! If you don't believe me well watch Avatar the Last airbender.Book 3: FireThe Awakening Episode 1The headband Episode. Zuko. Nickelodeon. Age: 16. The exiled prince of the Fire Nation is 16-years-old throughout the entire series. He was 13-years-old when he was banished from his home and sent off to search for the. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Zuko And Mai animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>>

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I suspect Zuko is leaning towards low empathy, or has trouble expressing empathy. Exhibit A: My first girlfriend turned into the moon. That's rough, buddy. Notice how Zuko found it easier to talk about himself. He answered Sokka's questions about Mai, and the conversation was moving along smoothly And yet Ursa loved Zuko more, Mai did and Ty Lee took Mai's side. Zuko was supposed to be the failure and yet he thumbed his nose at their father and ran off with the Avatar to help defeat him. Zuko was always predictable and now suddenly he wasn't and it drove her (quite literally) insane

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Zuko, Mai, and Ty Lee: Abuse, Guilt, Amends, and Self-Forgiveness. attackfish:. Not long ago @lj-writes posted a gifset comparing and contrasting the ways the Fire Nation, Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee treat the Kyoshi Warriors and the ways Sokka, and later Ty Lee, treat them, in order to point out the differences between cultural sharing and cultural appropriation [] Zuko And Mai September 11, 2011 · so there's this super awesome funny gorgeous and talented guy on youtube. his name is andrew quo. i love his videos. you should subscribe. help him get to 5k subs TODAY. you'll get a free cookie from me Zuko Rap Lyrics: Ay, look / Got my face burnt up by my papa / Still got bitches that gon' ride me like I'm Appa / Ay, shout out to my girl, Mai / She the one that let me pipe everyday, no dela

Mai is an recurring character and the former antagonist turned into the redeemed supporting major character in Avatar: The Last Airbender. She is a daughter of a rich Fire Nation politician and an old friend of Ty Lee, Azula and Zuko. She joined Azula's squad for the reason she hates boredom. In the end, she betrayed Azula and joined the good side. She was voiced by Cricket Leigh. 1 Background. Prince Zuko has always been obsessed with pride and honor, as is emphasized within the Fire Nation culture and his family in particular. Zuko's character metamorphosis in Book 2 was the first time Zuko began to separate the differences between honor as pride and glory from honor as personal standards and social equality. Zuko becomes physically ill when he first begins to abandon the notion of.

Zuko really isn't better than the non-benders individually, and Katara isn't better than Azula, so Ty Lee or Mai would be enough to sway it in Azula's favor. 1 year ago MuratDemir2 When Zuko was a kid, his mom fled the country because his dad started abusing her and doing drugs. Ozai then abused Zuko, and hit him everyday. He would give Azula every damn weapon she wanted, but Zuko would be lucky to get a knife, which he used to begin cutting himself. So, yeah...Zuko went through this every day until one day he pissed Ozai of Gdy Zuko wrócił do Narodu Ognia, Azula powiedziała, że Mai była w dziwnym nastroju. Zuko i Mai nie chowali się ze swoim związkiem, ale gdy Azula zaczęła igrać z nimi, szydziła z chłopaka i zmusiła go do ujawnienia, dlaczego był tak zły cały czas, zapewniając Mai, że choć ma kłopoty cały czas ją kocha Absolutely. There was a lot more to their relationship that people don't take into account. Let me break this down for you: 1. The Mothers- 2. 1. The loss of their mothers thing is deeper than you think - having in-common childhood situations brin..

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Zuko And Mai. 433 likes. Public Figure. See more of Zuko And Mai on Faceboo Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art 2015-apr-09 - Utforska Maya Garpenstedts anslagstavla Zuko and Mai på Pinterest. Visa fler idéer om Avatar, Zagreb, The last airbender I got some cold hard facts and admittedly some soft pants on who exactly did suka marry and who is the mother of fire lord izumi stay tuned to find out if youre new here we do plenty of outside videos including episode reviews theory analysis of bi-weekly podcasts and more so be sure to subscribe so you dont miss out todays video will try to figure out just who Zuko married and who is a mother. Zuko jest mistrzem magii ognia, urodzonym jako książę w rodzinie królewskiej narodu ognia, który panował jako Władca Ognia od 100 AG do czasu swojej abdykacji w 167 AG. Oryginalnie główny wróg Drużyny Awatara, Zuko poświęcił trzy lata na próby schwytania dawno zaginionego Awatara w celu zakończenia swojej banicji i odzyskania honoru jako koronowany książę Narodu Ognia. Jest.

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When Ruon Jian invites Mai to the party, Zuko gets immediately upset and storms towards the guy until Azula stops him. When Ruon Jian is flirting with Mai at the party, Zuko grabs the guy and spins him away, orders him to not talk to Mai, and when the guy tries to get Zuko to calm down, Zuko shoves him clear across the room to smash into a vase Photo of zuko and mai for fans of Zuko 3728397 1/dez/2015 - Explore a pasta Mai and Zuko de Aline Pontes, seguida por 108 pessoas no Pinterest. Veja mais ideias sobre Aang, Avatar, Avatar a lenda de aang

照片 of zuko and mai for 粉丝 of Zuko 37283974. Zuko Club 加入 New Post. Add interesting content and earn coins. Explore Fanpop. Zuko Images on Fanpop. Zuko. Mix foto of zuko and mai for fan of Zuko 3728397 Zuko needs to learn to trust Mai as a partner, not someone he needs to protect (remember the boiling rock episode in the jail cell when he said believe me she doesn't need any protection ?) you think he'd remember his own words. He will realize that underneath the apathy and cynicism she really does care about him and will do anything for. Prince Zuko (later known as Fire Lord Zuko) is one of the two deuteragonists (alongside Katara) of Nickelodeon'sAvatar: The Last Airbender. He serves as the main, later secondary antagonist of Book One: Water, the deuteragonist in Book Two: Earth and one of the deuteragonists (alongside Katara) of Book Three: Fire, where he redeems himself and joins Aang and his friends in the latter season.

foto of zuko and mai for fans of Zuko 3728397 zuko katara sokka aang avatarthelastairbender avatar atla toph azula suki iroh firebender zutara airbender kataang waterbender firenation mai tylee avatarfanfic 1.1K Stories Sort by: Ho

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사진 of zuko and mai for 팬 of Zuko 3728397 Hi! Okay so I love the way you right so I was wondering if you could do a zuko x reader one shot, where the zuko and mai go to watch a play, and the moment y/n comes on he's completely infatuated with her and mai gets jealous. After the play he goes backstage and talked to y/n. Mai dose not like this but in the end zuko ends up with y/

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Mai was the daughter and eldest child of Ukano, the former governor of New Ozai, and his wife, Michi. During the last year of the Hundred Year War, she became one of Princess Azula's main allies, and therefore one of Team Avatar's greatest foes, as well as Prince Zuko's love interest once he returned to the Fire Nation But just so you know, there's a two year age difference between Katara (14) and Zuko (16), the same amount between Katara and Aang (12). And Mai is 14 as well, I believe, like Azula and Ty Lee. So Zutara is no more weird (speaking age-wise) than Maiko, and less weird than Kataang, considering girls mature faster zuko and mai 3379 GIFs. Sort: Relevant Newest # avatar # avatar the last airbender # mai # zuko # azula # john travolta # grease # danny zuko # john travolta # grease # danny zuko # hot # hair # john travolta # grease # danny zuko # cat # flowers # spring # garden # may # kiss # sandy # grease live # danny zuko

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Zuko and Mai. Saved by Bela. 25. Izumi Avatar Korra Avatar Mai And Zuko Avatar Series Beauty In Art What Is Meant Kids Shows Legend Of Korra Avatar The Last Airbender Zuko and Mai / Maiko / Zumai | Avatar the last Airbender atla | anime cartoon couple | OTP. Korra Avatar Team Avatar Mai And Zuko Prince Zuko Avatar The Last Airbender Art Iroh Fire Nation Couple Cartoon Legend Of Korra Zuko cutting ties with his old life becomes a problem in The Promise—to so fully reject his nation, his family, to be cut off from his old friends, is one of the many reasons the Harmony Restoration Movement comes crashing down. Attachment to Mai isn't a problem for Zuko anymore—he made that quite clear with the letter His July 31, 2013 review of The Boiling Rock Parts 1 & 2 contains a wonderful analysis of Mai's character and motives and the interaction between her and Zuko in this episode - watch for it right near the beginning. Anyone who likes Mai should find it very interesting

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Zuko And Mai. Source(s): https://shrink.im/a89Hh. 0 0. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. they dont really get together in an episode. they get together in a magizine that was out when the series Earth ended. basically what happens is that zuko is not sure that he wants to go back to the fire nation so to sweetin the deal so to speak azula mentions mai. Zuko's and Mai's behavior in Nightmares and Daydreams: Keep in mind Mai has an entire house to herself (the website states her family is still in Omashu), and Zuko got rid of the chaperones earlier in the episode. At one point, the camera cuts away while they're together at Mai's house late at night Mai: Mai was not popular with shippers since her first appearance. As Mai and Zuko's canon relationship blossomed, the bashing from Zuko/Katara fans only intensified, many Zutara Fans say that although Katara was hostile to Zuko it was only because they were enemies at the time, meanwhile Mai hadn't been on the best of terms with Zuko even when she was dating him

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zuko and mai didnt marry each other according to avatar.wika.com mai broke up with zuko because When Fire Lord Zuko returned to Capital City from his trip to Yu Dao, Mai noticed how tired he was. 1/dez/2015 - Explore a pasta Mai and Zuko de alinepontes, seguida por 106 pessoas no Pinterest. Veja mais ideias sobre Aang, Avatar, Zuko

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Izumi, Zuko's daughter, who was the current Fire Lord throughout the events of The Legend of Korra: who was her mother?. The only named candidates that I am aware of, based on those Zuko was romantically involved with during the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender, would be Mai, who was Zuko's girlfriend in the 3rd season (Book 3: Fire), or possibly Jin, who Zuko went on a date with under the. This implies that Zuko did not usually play with his sister or her friends. In fact, the only time Zuko notices Mai in his flashback, is when he is forced to because Azula puts her in danger. If the intent was to tell us that Zuko liked Mai, then I can say this episode did not do that S Mai And Zuko Tumblr My name is zuko son of ursa and fire lord ozai prince of the fire nation and heir to the throne zukos crowning moment of awesome. Zuko and mai quotes. He says i was lucky to be born. I dont want it. Everything always came easy to her. Zuko smiling with a wave. S3 e12 the western air temple - zuko not is a cat person; mai is and the minute she gets a cat, he becomes a cat-dad and life is great - aang knows at least five languages. how? no one knows. - katara is definitely into crystals and will sneak them into sokka's bag when he's not lookin

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A/N: I changed my title a little bit because it seems befitting :) After Zuko had lost track of you, he decided to gather his things as well as your bag, moving onward. He knew that it would have to be another day to catch up to you again. He felt furious, thinking back when he was overpowered by the two. For some reason, he was much more angry at you for deceiving him 6-nov-2012 - Questo Pin è stato scoperto da Athena Ari Hawthorne. Scopri (e salva) i tuoi Pin su Pinterest Zuko is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender. The character was voiced by Dante Basco and portrayed by Dev Patel in the live-action film adaptation. He has changed from antagonist (Book 1), to anti-hero (Book 2) to protagonist (Book 3) respectively over the course of the series. In the show, Zuko is the elder child of Fire Lord Ozai and.

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Pairing: Zuko x reader. Requested?: Yes! By a very amazing anon!: u should totally write a zuko fic wherein he persuades the reader to fake date him so he could make mai jealous but in the end falls in love w the reader ^-^ i love ur writing btw!! Summary: Takes place during season 3, The Beach. As the request said, fake dating to. Zuko, Mai, and Ty Lee: Abuse, Guilt, Amends, and Self-Forgiveness. Not long ago @lj-writes posted a gifset comparing and contrasting the ways the Fire Nation, Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee treat the Kyoshi Warriors and the ways Sokka, and later Ty Lee, treat them, in order to point out the differences between cultural sharing and cultural appropriation [].. تصویر of Zuko and Mai for شائقین of Zuko 37150193. Zuko Club شامل میں New Post. Add interesting content and earn coins This Zuko تصویر might contain پہناوا, overclothes, آؤٹر, اوورکلوتھیس, legging کے, leging, ٹانگ غلاف, and لیگانگ..

foto of Zuko and Mai for fans of Zuko 3715019 Mai is a major antagonist-turned-supporting protagonist of Avatar: The Last Airbender, serving as one of the secondary antagonists of Book Two: Earth, the other one being Ty Lee.She is a skilled warrior in the service of the Fire Nation, one of Azula's two main allies (alongside Ty Lee), up until book three. She is also Zuko's girlfriend and the daughter of Ukano zuko and mai comic By | November 3, 2020 | 0 (but really though. provisions, resupplying as we go. It had been at the back of his mind. Luckily for them though, Mai stopped the warden's men, defeating about twelve guys single-handedly in order to save the jerk who dumped her. I think this is a great article Mai is the only character who has canonically shown any romantic interest in Zuko, and whether they 'end up together' or not, I have no doubts that those feelings would prove to be important plot-wise

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